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Curry Rice Press Reviews

Hong Seng Curry Rice has recently received extensive media coverage and recognition. The stall has been in the Redhill Hawker Centre for over 20 years, so what is driving the new buzz around this small, family owned stall?

Hong Seng Curry Rice has been making home-style Singaporean meals for over 20 years. When Lim Jia Han, 25, took over his parents stall, it wasn’t the ideal choice according to his parents.

Jia Han graduated from the University of London (SIM) with a Banking and Finance degree, but he never lost his passion for cooking. Instead of choosing to work in an office, Jia Han applied his education to Hong Seng Curry Rice.


Working both hard and smart is what is behind this young entrepreneur’s success. The media has taken notice of Jia Han’s methods and the resulting impact that Hong Seng Curry Rice is having on the young foodie crowd of Singapore.

The list of major publications that has written about Hong Seng Curry Rice includes;

SG Shining 10 Young Hawkers – Yahoo News


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Curry Rice Reviews by Food Bloggers

Hong Seng Curry Rice has also been featured in the following food blogs;

• Dr Leslie Tay, Food Blogger, ieatishootipost
• KF Seetoh, CEO, Makansutra
• Catherine Ling, Food Blogger, Camemberu
• Daniel Ang, Food Blogger, Daniel Food Diary

Hainanese Curry Rice Review by (ieatishootipost)
Dr Leslie Tay, from ieatishootipost, called Jia Han a ‘cooking hero’. Dr Tay notes that as society shifts to a home unit with two working parents, stalls like Hong Seng Curry Rice become surrogate home kitchens. According to ieatishootipost, the best dish of all is the sambal ikan bilis, which they say is a perfect ‘balance of sweet, spicy, salty and savoury’.

Ditching Finance Degree for Curry (Makansutra)
KF Seetoh, CEO Makansutra, noted that there was still a lunch queue at 2.30pm, and called Hong Seng Curry Rice ‘hardcore Singapore’. He praises Jia Han for making Hong Seng Curry Rice a ‘bigger name than when his grandmother started it’ and says that Hong Seng Curry Rice would ‘make our national efficiency and productivity boards proud’.

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Young Hawker with Big Dreams (

Camemberu’s writer, Catherine Ling, commends Jia Han, saying that ‘he’s not just working hard, he’s working smart’. Although his parents were disappointed when he first said that he wanted to work in the stall, they relented when they saw that he would be putting his Banking and Finance degree to good use. In a short period, Jia Han has revolutionised components of the stall by helping his family to ‘cut reliance on fickle labour by automating tasks and sourcing fresh pre-cut ingredients’. Ling also hints at Jia Han’s ‘bigger dreams than just slaving at a stall’.

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Even longer than the list of media that are paying attention to Hong Seng Curry Rice is the line that is queuing outside the hawker stall.

In a food-loving nation like Singapore, you have to reach a high level of excellence to demand such widespread media attention as Hong Seng Curry Rice. There is yet another quality that puts Hong Seng Curry Rice at the heart of the traditional cooking movement in Singapore and that is its focus on home-style, traditional cooking.

As Makansutra reports, Jia Han’s passion for heritage foods might save the Hainanese curry from dying out as a heritage food. ‘It is non-stop cooking, three dishes at a time, using the steamer and the fryer. It’s not easy’.

It is impossible to ignore the media attention that this deserving stall demands. As Hong Seng Curry Rice draws wider and more discerning crowds, the queues will only get longer. Do us a favour and visit Hong Seng Curry Rice at Redhill Hawker Centre to try one of the many well-priced dishes that have been at the centre of so much media attention and praise.