Hong Seng Ikan Bilis


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Our Signature Ikan Bilis Dish

With over 20 dishes available at Hong Seng Curry Rice, Ikan Bilis is one of our signature dishes and receives the most take-away requests.

Our Ikan Bilis is made with the Hong Seng family recipe. It is essentially dried anchovies and peanuts mixed with a sauce that is developed by the Lim family. We use only the best ingredients to make this humble dish as it is a dish that we consume ourselves on a daily basis at home. All members of the Lim family grew up on this Ikan Bilis staple.


A little known fact of anchovies are that they are a great source of essential fatty acids like omega-3 fatty acid. This little fish, though small, has a lot of health benefits and is a good source of vitamins. Some health benefits of anchovies include skin and bone health, tissue and cell repair, weight loss and even promotes ocular health.

The Hong Seng Ikan Bilis has been described to have a sweet and slightly zesty taste with a good balance of spiciness. The anchovy to peanut ratio is generous and always crunchy due to the packaging used. The Food Scientists of Singapore Polytechnic were specially commissioned to design a containment unit to maximise the freshness and shelf life of the Ikan Bilis.

The Hong Seng Ikan Bilis is definitely a must-try dish that complements very well with our curry rice. Due to popular demand, our Ikan Bilis is now available in take home packs to share with family and friends.

New packaging is available at all Hong Seng Curry Rice outlets

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