Hong Seng Curry Rice Sponsorship

Hong Seng Curry Rice is proud to share that we are the official sponsors of freesingaporetour.com, the first of its kind in Singapore offering free walking tours.

Lim Jia Han, currently at the helm of Hong Seng Curry Rice, is a certified tour guide and also holds the title of Singapore’s youngest Singapore Tourism Board (STB) certified tour guide trained by Tourism Management Institute of Singapore (TMIS). Initially viewed as just a short course to occupy his time after National Service, the journey to becoming a certified tour guide nearly derailed his plans to enter the food and beverage industry as he found the tourism industry increasingly alluring. The human interaction captured his interest as he took great joy in sharing his in depth knowledge of Singapore with his guests. With the added bonus of the occasional tour leading which would bring him to various overseas destinations as part of the job, it made it even more tempting to give up his ambitions of taking over Hong Seng Curry Rice and to keep his luggage packed ready for the next adventure.

Caught between the crossroads of the Tourism and F&B industry, Jia Han had to give up one and his choice is evident to all. While manning the wok to a staggering 22 dishes at Hong Seng Curry Rice, he kept the fire to his passion for the tourism industry burning bright by staying in contact with his friends and contacts acquired through his time tour guiding and tour leading.

The stars aligned as if beckoning him back into the embraces of tour guiding and tour leading, Hong Seng SMU was established and tourists started popping by SMU for meals and directions as SMU was strategically located at the intersection of Orchard Road and Brash Basah Road. Being right in the heart of the city with several tourist attractions a stone throw away, Hong Seng SMU sees plenty of lost tourists on a daily basis determined to explore the city on foot. Jia Han frequently guides the tourists in the right direction with all the professionalism of a certified tour guide and this is when an idea came to his mind to value add to the Hong Seng SMU stall.

Hong Seng Curry Rice (SMU branch) will organise professionally guided free walking tours. This initiative will be carried out on weekends as part of their own community service project. The journey to realising this project was not all smooth sailing as after a call to a friend in the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) revealed their first obstacle. Only licensed tour agencies are allowed to organise and execute licensed tours in Singapore. Wanting to stay above board and to provide the highest quality of tour guiding, Jia Han met up with a few friends who owns tour agencies and pitched his proposal to them. Eventually Singapore City Explorers tour agency got on board and threw their weight behind this project. Roping in friends who are STB licensed tour guides to share the work load was the next step and an equally challenging step as guiding pro bono on a weekend is not the most appealing of tasks. Surviving on passion, Jia Han planned the tour and ironed out all logistics on his own free time away from the unforgiving heat of the kitchen.

Using Hong Seng SMU as the starting point of the walking tour is an obvious choice as the location is central and easily located. The spacious and cooling seating area in front of the stall provides an ideal location to brief the participants in a comfortable and sheltered environment. The tour will be held every Saturday morning. Two tours will be provided, ‘Spices of Life’ (little India) and ‘Past, Present and Future (City Tour). For more information, please visit freesingaporetour.com.

Dipping into the coffers of Hong Seng Curry Rice, the tour and all interactive activities carried out during the tour is free and sponsored by Hong Seng Curry Rice but token tipping of guides are welcomed based on the merit of their services in recognition of their hard work. Visitors and locals are all welcomed to register for the tour at freesingaporetour.com and we look forward to giving you an unforgettable and insightful tour of Singapore.