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Hong Seng Curry Rice

Hong Seng Curry Rice in Singapore was founded in 1995 at Redhill Hawker Centre by the matriarch of the Lim family as a means to feed a household of 7. The humble stall has survived the generations by endeavoring to present the best quality of food to their loyal patrons. 3 generations of lasting operation is a testament to the quality of the fare served.

On Oct 2014, Lim Jia Han, fresh with a Degree in Banking and Finance, took over the helms of the stall and apprenticed under the watchful eye of his father and uncle as a 3rd generation hawkerpreneur. Under the watchful eye of Master Chef Lim Gee Kiat, Jia Han honed his hainanese curry rice craft at the traditional stall for a full year before being granted full management of the business allowing Master Chef Lim to focus solely on quality control. This ensured that the curry rice quality is maintained as the recipes and cooking technique is passed down from one generation to another.

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Hainanese Curry Rice

Hainanese curry rice is a uniquely Singaporean cuisine characterised by a combination of Curry Chicken, Pork Chop, Chap Chye (Braise Cabbage) and Kong Bak (Braise Pork).

The origin of Hainanese Curry Rice in Singapore itself is a melting pot of multi-racial, multi-ethnic fusion. The British and Peranakans engaged the talented Hainanese chefs known for their culinary prowess to prepare Pork Chop borrowed from the British and Curry Chicken, Chap Chye and Babi Ponteh from the Peranakans.
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Hong Seng Ikan Bilis

With over 20 dishes available at Hong Seng Curry Rice, Ikan Bilis is one of our signature dishes and receives the most take-away requests.

Our Ikan Bilis is made with the Hong Seng family recipe. It is essentially dried anchovies and peanuts mixed with a sauce that is developed by the Lim family. We use only the best ingredients to make this humble dish as it is a dish that we consume ourselves on a daily basis at home. All members of the Lim family grew up on this Ikan Bilis staple.

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Curry Rice Press Reviews

Hong Seng Curry Rice in Singapore has recently received extensive media coverage and recognition. The stall has been in the Redhill Hawker Centre for over 20 years, so what is driving the new buzz around this small, family owned stall?

Hong Seng Curry Rice has been making home-style Singaporean meals for over 20 years. When Lim Jia Han, 25, took over his parents stall, it wasn’t the ideal choice according to his parents. Jia Han graduated from the University of London (SIM) with a Banking and Finance degree, but he never lost his passion for cooking. Instead of choosing to work in an office, Jia Han applied his education to traditional hainanese curry rice.

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Our Branch Locations

To enjoy an authentic Hainanese curry rice in Singapore you must try the exceptional Hong Seng Curry Rice at 85 Redhill Lane #01-74, Singapore 150085. Daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Learn how to visit us by Bus, Mrt or Car.

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